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Seasonal (and not so seasonal) beers

The season of seasonal beers is upon us and if there’s anything I’m up for it’s seasonal beers.

While the first of the beers I’m going to talk about is not exactly seasonal, it’s good. After having some mixed experiences with Dogfish Head brews, one caught my eye: “Aprihop”. It’s an IPA brewed with real apricots and weighs in at a warming 7% ABV. If you can find it, buy it. It’s awesomely drinkable and it looks like this:


Second is Christmas Ale from Anchor Steam (another great brewery all around). What’s great about this beer is that it isn’t the same every year. Each Christmas Ale is unique. While that may not sound appealing for say, bringing it to holiday parties, it’s definitely worth picking up for some home or small crowd consumption. At 5.5% ABV it’s a nice beer to sip/swig on while getting dinner ready or relaxing with friends (or both AT THE SAME TIME). I recommend it and my west coast pick looks like this:


The reviews are brief (I just drink it, I don’t usually write about it), but I hope you try (and enjoy) my picks.

The moral of the story is go drink some beer. There’s some really good ones out there today. Support your local micro breweries and maybe some that aren’t so local.

I’m always on the lookout for beer recommendations so comments are appreciated!