zippy, working with .zip files

I needed a short bit of Python code to work with .zip files today. After reviewing the docs on the ZipFile module, I decided that, for my needs, writing a couple of classes to abstract some of the dirty work made sense. This resulted in Here are some samples of how zippy helps you:

# Zipping up files
from zippy.zippy import Zip
# Zip up a directory of files
# Zip up a single text file

# Unzipping files
from zippy.zippy import Unzip
# The to_path method returns True on success, False on failure

It’s a pretty simple set of classes at this point. My main goal was to provide somewhat self-documenting, reusable
code, and I think I’ve done that. Plus, it reminds me of jQuery style ‘chaining’

Suggestions and requests are welcome!